Business Transformation
through Brand Design

We are global brand designers who harness the combination of strategy, data-driven insights, standout visual expression & digital expertise to transform your business.

Why is Brand Design important? Because it works in the market

In fact, Brand Design:

  • Generates interest among your target
  • Connects brands emotionally with your key audiences
  • Attracts and retains customers and employees
  • Differentiates your business versus competition

At GBR we design irresistible brands.

Core Services

Brand & Marketing Strategy
Brand Positioning & Platform Development
Brand Evolution & Rebranding
Brand Architecture
Market & Competitive Brand Assessment
Visual & Digital Design
Brand Positioning & Platform Development
Brand Evolution & Rebranding
Brand Architecture
Market & Competitive Brand Assessment
Brand & User Experience Design
Consumer & Customer Journey Development
User Experience (UX) Strategy
Retail & Environmental Experience Design
Brand & Research Insights
Qualitative Consumer & Customer Research
Quantitative Market Segmentation
Concept Evaluation
Brand Dashboards & Tracking

Our Proven Formula for Brand Success

The Global Brand Research (GBR) is a Brand Design agency comprised of highly experienced practitioners who are dedicated to creating brands that transform businesses. We work with ambitious B2B, B2B and B2B2C brands from all walks of life.

B2B Industrial & Ingredient Products

Professional Services



Visual Arts

Food & Beverage

Design & Fashion


Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

Durable Consumer Goods


Marco Barel (He. Him.)
Chairman, Design–Addict,
Brand Leadership Advocate
Marco is the driving force behind GBR’s Brand Design success. With a combination of digital and design skills, Marco has been designing successful identities for global clients around the world. Over the years, he has worked on strategic brand and visual design initiatives for DuPont, FedEx, Volkswagen, The Coca-Cola Company and more others, helping generate more than $7 million in client revenue since 2005.
Interests: Bauhaus, fine art and cigars
"Greatness is something you choose" — Marco Barel
Chiara Gerardi (She. Her.)
Managing Director, Human Laser Beam,
Performance Coach
Chiara is the head organizational and financial strategies, as well as human resources management. With expertise in different fields including real estate, fashion and sales, Chiara co-founded GBR in 2010. Her excellent problem-solving, coordination and time management skills makes her GBR’s key contact for every business and organizational need.
Interests: Naturopathy and healthy organic cooking
"Believe in your vision and make it come true" — Chiara Gerardi
Lisa Craig (She. Her.)
Strategy Consultant, Straight–Talker,
Mother of Dragons
Lisa brings extensive brand strategy experience to GBR. She began her career at the Leo Burnett Company in Chicago and has founded two successful global brand strategy consultancies. After becoming a partner of St. James Associates (later acquired by Landor Associates), Lisa founded Northern Magnolia Brand Consulting, and has partnered with GBR since 2016 to assist them in delivering holistic, world-class BRAND DESIGN to clients.
Interests: Driving on the left side of the road and the center of the fairway
"The fewest, strongest brands... WIN" — Lisa Craig