Ditre Italia

Case Study

Clicking with a Global Audience: The Brand Equity Challenge

Universal Elegance and Performance: Ditre Italia Meets the Mark

Ditre Italia was ready to go global and make the world aware of its high-quality soft furnishings. The client asked our team to improve their brand equity with a website accessible from any country in the world that would convey their unique approach to design. We improved Ditre Italia’s visual identity to create a 360-degree, consistent online presence as a memorable experience for their potential customers from all over the world.

Client Goals

The goal was to create an innovative website that would really stand out in the Made in Italy design industry, boost the brand equity, and optimize the brand reach across the world.
GBR Services Employed
  • Brand Story & Communication Architecture
  • Visual Brand Identity
  • Web Design
  • Digital Design
  • Typography Design

Our Solution: A Digital Identity that Boosts Brand Performance on Web

We got to the heart of Ditre Italia’s visual identity to align the consumer perception with the real quality of their products. We designed every asset, from the web typography to the imagery, to express the essence of the brand and differentiate it in the design world. Carefully optimized pages and striking design were the important parts of the website which highlight the expertise that go into each piece, and also gives users a compelling experience.

What We Did

  • Crafted a new visual identity for the digital world, including web typography and imagery
  • Created a solid framework for the website with an intuitive structure to integrate the web catalog to the internal management systems
  • Developed a website easily accessible on any device, from any part of the world
  • Improved and optimized the brand web positioning using Google Knowledge Panel

Our Work

Digital Identity

Web Design

Project Details

  • Client Ditre Italia Srl
  • Office Milan, Italy
  • Sector Durable Consumer Goods, Design & Fashion
  • Partner Marco Barel