HGB Group

Case Study

The Design Challenge: Turn a Conglomerate into a World-Class Experiential Brand

A Customer-Centric Approach to Drive Growth

The HGB Group’s focus wasn’t on exploiting its audience to make a profit, but on creating a sustainable growth that would involve both the business in itself and the Cambodian community. They needed a visual brand architecture able to both sum up this innovative people-first approach and fit in a global market. We worked to design a new positioning according to their needs, and created a strong visual identity to deliver consistency across every touchpoint and every brand in the portfolio.

Client Goals

A new logo, tagline, and brand image that clearly communicates to the target audience who HGB Group is, and what they believe in.
GBR Services Employed
  • Brand Story & Communication Architecture
  • Brand Architecture
  • Visual Brand Identity
  • Strategic Brand Platform Development
  • Web Design
  • Logo Design
  • Naming
  • Motion Graphics
  • Environmental Graphics
  • Typography Design

Our Solution: Leveraging Brand Values for Global Relevance

We defined a new positioning for HGB Group in line with internal strategic development plans and the new brand purpose. Alongside this positioning, we crafted a brand system to rationalize all the visual assets needed across HGB Group’s wide portfolio of brands. This ensured consistency and distinctiveness across all channels. Also, in order to express HGB Group’s human-centric approach, a new tagline was born: ‘Enriching Experiences’. It explains the benefit orientation and helps the customers establish its position as a company that offers something that goes beyond the mark. And provides memorable moments.

What We Did

  • Defined the business and market role, in conjunction with internal strategic and business plans
  • Created a streamlined strategic and visual brand architecture to eliminate confusion and ensure a consistent visual brand identity
  • Educated and informed internal management about the new positioning and its implication
  • Successfully launched the brand identity in its existing market

Our Work

New Logo Design

New Visual Identity System

New Applied Visual System

Project Details

  • Client HGB Group
  • Office Singapore
  • Sector Durable Consumer Goods, Automotive, Food & Beverage
  • Partner Marco Barel