Meta System

Case Study

Moving Foward in the Digital World: The Positioning Challenge

Keeping Ahead Through Innovation

Meta System transforms Big Data, analytics, and the most advanced automotive and telematics technologies into today’s reality. With a future-driven approach, Meta System has been part of a world in constant evolution since 1973. Along with their teams, we leveraged their innovate-to-grow mission in order to boost the company’s leadership also in the most ever-evolving world: the web.

Client Goals

An innovative global website that would position Meta System as leader in the automotive electronic design industry.
GBR Services Employed
  • Brand Story & Communication Architecture
  • Web Design
  • Digital Design
  • Motion Graphics
  • Typography Design

Our Solution: An Innovative Visual Identity for an Innovative Company

Our focus for Meta System’s website project was all about creating a clean design for a straight–forward user experience. We wanted to reduce the text–heavy sections to convey the client’s innovative personality, and implement connections with the internal management systems to boost the website’s performance while cutting down the maintenance. Now, the website has intuitive paths for potential and existing customers. Users who are browsing Meta System’s services immediately understand the brand and its purpose. To capture the Meta System’s uniqueness in a nutshell, the tagline ‘Automotive Electronic Design’ has been crafted.

What We Did

  • Crafted a new brand’s visual identity, including tagline, web typography, and imagery
  • Created an intuitive framework for the website linked to the client management system
  • Developed a website easily accessible on any device, from any part of the world and optimized the load time for each page

Our Work

Digital Visual Identity

Web Design

Project Details

  • Client Meta System Spa
  • Office Milan, Italy
  • Sector Technology, Automotive, B2B Industrial & Ingredient Products
  • Partner Marco Barel